Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marina Abramovic


"The Artist is Present" was the performance piece that first introduced me to performist artist Marina Abramovic. At MoMA in NYC earlier this year (March-May, 2010) Abramovic sat in at a table across from a chair which museum-goers could sit in and stare face to face with her for as long as they wanted, or could bear. Most people lasted only a few minutes--her intense gaze brought them to tears. This exhibition site shows a slideshow of pictures of many of their faces and the duration that they lasted. Many of Abramovic's performances are years in the making and long and grueling throughout. She experiments with pushing the limits of mind and body and usually involves audience interaction. Her career stretches three decades and she now describes herself as "the grandmother of performance art".

Marina Abramovic from Michael Tyburski on Vimeo.

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